CEO’s Word

We at BuSI have chosen to relate our company image to that of sailing.

Vivid similarities are reflected here:

  • A respect for nature and environmental values.
  • Teamwork: the success of a Regatta is the result of the whole team. Every member must be performant and versatile. As much as the captain, or the helmsman (project manager) each member of the crew has their role to play.
  • Omnipresent technology helping to perfect the outcome: weather by satellite, advanced instrumentation, autopilot, ….
  • The meeting of human spirit where harmony and understanding are essential.
  • Knowing your job and respecting those of your comrades in all humility. Each crew member is the backup of another. If a teammate should falter, the other automatically takes over. It is a No Break system. We sail or surf in the clouds with an end-to-end strategy aiming to achieve the ultimate fusion of ecology / cost / performance.

But all of this is founded on one word: Team.

At BuSI we work as a team, motivated by results, with a deep respect for human contact.

To thank our customers and consultants for their continued trust, we offer our commitment to deliver ever higher added value with the constant obsession of achieving the fastest possible ROI.

Mr Bernard t’Kint

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