Mission and Vision


“Expert in both high level consultancy and in application analysis and development, BuSI will continue to provide ICT services and solutions to the total satisfaction of its clients; and with its core assets PROACTIVITY, INNOVATION, QUALITY, STABILITY and RELATIONSHIP OF TRUST, BuSI will ensure its customers a real return on investment.”

Intrinsic Values

The essential values at BuSI are:

  • •    Respect for our consultants, our clients and partners
  • •    Listening to and understanding the needs of our customers
  • •    Quality of resources, services and solutions
  • •    Commitment to quality and completion
  • •    Innovation, guarantee of value for our customers, of sustainability and prosperity.


BuSI aims to become a large company, but on a human scale, with a new offer and centers of excellence composed of competent internal resources and strong partnerships with integrators, constructors and publishers.”


The new ICT offer from BuSI is the combination of two main axes: “Professional Services“, founded on the state of the art, and on high quality resources and services; and “Key-In-Hand Global Solutions”, a palette of innovative and original solutions designed to enhance the landscape of application development.

Warranty and Commitment

To address this new offering, BuSI is expanding its teams with external consultants and trusted partners, representing a guarantee of resources to our customers.

Tried and tested BuSI methodologies capable of delivering “turnkey” solutions, and the professionalism of our service providers make up the BuSIguarantee of results”.

Corporate Social Responsibility

BuSI has recently participated in the software development of a new package for the Order of Malta Belgium International Aid (MBI). This development was done on a free basis for this insititution.

What is the Order of Malta Belgium International Aid (MBI)?

It is one of the oldest “Order” with military and hospitable vocation. The others “Orders” with only amilitary vocation don’t exist anymore. In the present time, the MBI’s vocation is essentially focused on humanitarian aid actions.

What was the software project scope ?

The Project Fund-r consisted in a big refactoring and a reengineering of legacy code to .Net code including Windows Forms & C#. It includes also the recovery and the data migration, via an ETL tool, from an old database Dbase3 to a SQL Server database covering more than one hundred donations.

This project was complex due to the donations management process. It required analysis in order to understand a complex business, a lot of processes, different workflows and states of donations. It was a real project where each stakeholder (analysts, developers, testers and the client) has played an important role!

Technically, Fund-r represents 11.768 lines of code, 65 displays, 34 reports done with Reporting services, 39 SQL tables 1 ETL developed with Integration Services. Two man years of hard work have been necessary to realize this project.

What is the next step ?

BuSI will insure the software maintenance of this application, covering corrections, evolutions and possible migrations with SLA contract.

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